DAN's Big Dreams, Shallow Pockets Package - 100 Gallon

DAN's Big Dreams, Shallow Pockets Package - 100 Gallon
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Product Code: Big Dreams 100 Gal
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This package was designed for those of you out there who don't quite have the ends necessary for the entire 2+ program, but still want some achievable results. In this package, you get all the necessary micros and macros, the keystone beneficials, some kick-ass carbos, big bud enhancements, just enough hardener, a touch of organic goodness, and some flush all wrapped up in one economical package, exclusively from DAN.

DAN is proud to have created the "BIG DREAMS shallow pockets" package, just for those of you who need this one chance to get an edge on the competition, or perhaps your first step into the realm of AN. These packages will get you through your critical grow and bloom stages->2-4 weeks of veg, and 8-10 weeks of bloom. The # gallons specified is how many gallons the corresponding package will fertilize weekly throughout the entire grow.

        **100 gallon**
4L - Sensi Grow AB
10L - Sensi Bloom AB
1Kg - Piranha
500g - Tarantula
1.2Kg - Carboload (600gx2)
1Kg - Big Bud
2L - Overdrive
10L - Nirvana
1L - Final Phase



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