DAN's Fuzzy Root Recipe 50 Gal

DAN's Fuzzy Root Recipe 50 Gal
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There is only one way to have a large, healthy and heavy yielding plant: attention and focus on the root system. This package is designed for the grower that would like to spoil the root system of their plants. We here at DAN call this the fuzzy root recipe because of the amazing results associated with the use of this combination of professional supplements. Studies and field tests prove this package helps plants expand the surface area of their root mass by 700% Your plants can only be as large, healthy and productive as your root system is able to sustain. It is crucial to focus on the root system of your plants in order to ensure they are able to uptake (at an increased rate) all the nutrients you feed them in all phases of growth. With our fuzzy root specialty root zone remediation packages you are taking a critical step towards obtaining your intended results.



Additional Detail:

SENSIZYM ~ SensiZym contains over 80 different enzymes each having specific functions that enhance plant and root growth. SensiZym breaks down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients which accelerate plant growth as well as assist beneficial bacteria growth. It also helps to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites. You can speed up the cell replication rate and regulatory processes of a plant by using SensiZym. This product is absolutely necessary for optimum growth and should be used during the entire lifespan of the plant.

Enzymes are essential building blocks of life processes. Smart growers use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Zym, the worlds best agricultural enzyme product, containing more than 80 enzymes necessary for plant functions. Enzyme products made by competitors contain far fewer types of enzymes and have inferior configurations. A feeding of Sensi Zym creates an almost-immediate crop uptick by breaking down root zone components to increase nutrient uptake of starches, carbohydrates, and elements necessary for rapid growth and high yield. SensiZym accelerates growth of beneficial microbes when used with Piranha, Tarantula, or Voodoo Juice). Sensi Zym helps crops utilize water and water-borne elements, which increases growth, yield and drought resistance. Our product speeds maturation, cell replication, and harvest production.

How does Sensizym prevent infestation of pathogens in my media?

Specific enzymes in Sensizym "eat & digest" dead protein matter, effectively removing the the food source that pathogens rely on to proliferate. No food source = no pathogens = no infestation.

I've heard that I can reuse my media if I apply Sensizym - is this true? 

It certainly is, especially when growing with soilless media such as Sunshine Mix #4. There are active enzymes in Sensizym that break down dead protein matter (i.e. roots left over after harvest) that would normally provide a home for pathogens. The enzymes essentially "re-sterilize" the media and prepare it for reuse. As a double-bonus, the dead roots are transformed by the enzymes into bio-available nutrients that can be utilized by your next crop.

PIRANHA ~ "Biological control is an alternative to the use of chemical pesticides. Biological Fungicides (i.e. Trichoderma) may act to suppress the population of the pathogenic organism through competition with pathogenic organisms, stimulate plant growth, which may allow plants to quickly outgrow any pathogen effects, or damage the pathogen by means of toxins produced (Cook, 2000; Gilreath, 2002). A variety of soil microorganisms have Fusarium wilt pathogens. Of the fungi used for control of soilborne pathogens, various species of Trichoderma spp have received the most attention. Trichoderma harzianum is a fungal biocontrol agent that attacks a range of phytopathogenic fungi. T. harzianum alone or in combination with other Trichoderma species can be used in biological control of several plant diseases (Papavizas, 1985; Chet, 1987; Samuels 1996). It has been also shown to be effective in controlling Fusarium crown and root rot under greenhouse and field conditions."
~Advanced Epedia 2006

VOODOO JUICE ~ "This product produces measurable root enhancements that translate into stronger, healthier, and better-producing crops with wicked root systems that produce bigger, tastier fruits, flowers and vegetables. If your roots don't increase in size using Voodoo Juice, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee! With Voodoo Juice, plant roots quickly become fatter and healthier. Your plant's roots branch into complex grids that scoop nutrients for rapid transport inside plants. Dense, multi-branched roots put more flowers on your plants faster. If you had a powerful microscope, you'd see Voodoo's beneficial microbes producing gibberellins that make your garden spring forth with verdant growth and heavier fruits and flowers. But you won't need a microscope to see the huge bundles of roots that gush forth from Voodoo-treated plants. When you've harvested bigger crops in shorter amounts of time from plants fed by mammoth Voodoo roots, you'll believe in Voodoo magic!" ~Advanced Epedia 2006

TARANTULA ~ "Beneficial bacteria provide a number of other benefits to both the soil and the plant. Specifically, the microbes will minimize nutrient leaching, aid in nutrient cycling and absorption, improve soil structure, solubilize minerals (including phosphorous) for plant availability, enhance seed germination, stimulate root growth and produce natural plant growth hormones. Research has shown that beneficial bacteria are most effective when used in combination with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi. The mycorrhizal fungi are keystone species that support and protect the activities of the beneficial bacteria." ~Advanced Epedia 2006

Carbo Load is absolutely necessary for feeding the beneficials in this package. 40g or more included FREE with every package purchase!


  25 gal : 50g Piranha+50g Tarantula+500mL Voodoo Juice+1L Sensizym+ FREE 1L Carbo Load! MSRP Value $23.78
  50 gal : 130g Piranha+130g Tarantula+1L Voodoo Juice+4L Sensizym+FREE 2L Carbo Load! MSRP Value $47.56
100 gal : 250g Piranha+250g Tarantula+4L Voodoo Juice+10L Sensizym+FREE 4L Carbo Load! MSRP Value $65.42
200 gal : 500g Piranha+500g Tarantula+10L Voodoo Juice+23L Sensizym+FREE 10L Carbo Load! MSRP Value $148.66

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