DAN's Heavy Yield Kit 100 Gallon

DAN's Heavy Yield Kit 100 Gallon
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Product Code: Heavy Yield Kit 100 Gallon
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The Heavy Yield Kit is designed for the grower that wants to keep it simple. Those of you who only want the basics can now call the HYK your package of choice.

The revolutionary Sensi 2 part formula offers premium mineral based nutrient so you can rest assured you will harvest plentifully. Voodoo Juice will provide your roots the chance to keep up with the rest of your rapidly accelerated growth. While Big Bud will provide all the essential flowering supplements for the plants you love to grow!

Now all three are combined in one convenient package!

Keep in mind that these packages are designed particularly for the bloom stage, BUT there is enough Voodoo Juice in each of these packages to get you through the veg stage. Simply add Sensi Grow AB and you have all the bare essentials. This package provides a great starting point, to ensure that you have enough of the top three products AN has created!

Formulas based on medium feeding (peak 1600ppm)

 **25 gallon**
4L Sensi Bloom AB
1L Voodoo Juice
260g Big Bud
**50 gallon**
4L Sensi Bloom AB
2L Voodoo Juice
500g Big Bud 
 **100 gallon**
10L Sensi Bloom AB
4L Voodoo Juice
1Kg Big Bud
 **200 gallon**
23L Sensi Bloom AB
10L Voodoo Juice
2.5Kg Big Bud



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