DAN's Bigger Buds Kit 12.5 Gallon

DAN's Bigger Buds Kit 12.5 Gallon
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We here at DAN developed the Bigger Buds Kit in response to the immense demand for a premium bloom supplement combo. When we say supplement, we mean that these three items are the primary addition to a base nutrient of choice. Base nutrients contain all the essential micros, macros and some trace elements, while the ingredients in the Bigger Buds Kit simply exemplify the results!

The Bigger Buds Kit includes the primary supplements to be used from Advanced Nutrients. Basically, this is the first thing one would buy after choosing a proper base nutrient. 

Want a Heavy Yield?
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

These three steps are the start to that heavy yield you've been craving:

1.BUD BLOOD ~ Specifically designed for the first week of flowering. This product will induce your plants into flower faster (5-9 days you will see flower set rather than typically 10-14 days) as well as it will help grow a large root system. If you want a large plant then you must have a large root system to sustain the water and fertilizer uptake it will need to be large. A plant can only be as big as the root system can sustain. Apply at 0.5g/L

2.BIG BUD ~ Big Bud is a flowering enhancement that was specifically formulated for the middle of the flowering cycle. Big Bud was engineered as a high Potassium to Phosphorus ratio fertilizer that is coupled with superior amino acids (28 to be exact). Big Bud will dramatically increase flower growth, width, weight and production like no other bloom enhancing product. Not to mention this product will also help grow a large strong frame with more flowering sites than your eyes will believe. Use during weeks 2, 3, 4, 5 at the rate of 0.5-0.8g/L 
3.OVERDRIVE ~ Overdrive was engineered for the late flowering cycle. This product has citric acid, ascorbic acid and an array of food grade hormones that are specific to late floweing. By taking advantage of the large root system that the Bud Blood helped create, and the large strong frame that the Big Bud helped grow, Overdrive fills in all of those flowering sites and packs on maximum girth as well as driving essential oil production of the plant through the roof. These supplements maximize the genetic potential of all plants no matter what type of fruiting or flowering plant you are growing. Add to your regular feeding to pack on immense weight and enhance your resin production during weeks 5.5, 6, 7, 8 of flower. Apply at 2.5-3.5 mL/L. Be sure to use Final Phase during the last 4-7 days of bloom.

**12.5 gallon**
40g Bud Blood
130g Big Bud
1L Overdrive 
 **25 gallon**
40g Bud Blood
260g Big Bud
1L Overdrive
 **50 gallon**
80g Bud Blood
500g Big Bud
1L Overdrive
**100 gallon**
300g Bud Blood
1Kg Big Bud
2L Overdrive 
**200 gallon**
500g Bud Blood
1.5Kg Big Bud
4L Overdrive 

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