Advanced Nutrients Fabulous 4 Pack

Advanced Nutrients Fabulous 4 Pack
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500ml Voodoo Juice
500ml Piranha
500ml Tarantula
500ml Bud Candy
It's a fact proven by hundreds of scientific studies and field tests: If you want lush vegetative growth and bigger yields, you need larger root systems. Bigger roots give you bigger, better buds.
You've invested in a premium base nutrient for your crops, such as pH Perfect® Sensi Grow & Bloom, as well as high-octane bud bulkers like Big Bud® Liquid and Overdrive.
But are your roots absorbing all these valuable nutrients?
Probably not. Without help, most root systems will underperform. They can't absorb all the vital nutrients and additives they need to reach their full potential.
That means those extra nutrients - and the money you paid for them - are going to waste. Which isn't good news for you, your plants, or the environment. And the truth is, if you want lush plants and optimal yields, you need to maximize your root systems. It's a fact that many growers overlook.
At Advanced Nutrients, our scientists have worked long hours to find the solution. The Fabulous 4 Pak is a special bundle designed to optimize your root zone. It includes four of the most scientifically advanced products we offer, at our lowest price yet.
Right now, we're offering the Fabulous 4 Pak - whose individual bottles, purchased separately, would run at a value of $199.18 - for just $99.60!
A Strong Foundation for a Stable Crop...
The solution starts with one of our most popular microbial supplements: Tarantula Liquid.
A microbial inoculate, Tarantula Liquid contains billions of dormant beneficial microbes that colonize the plant when applied to the root zone or foliage. It protects your roots from diseases and improves growth rates, which translates into bigger yields.
Tarantula Liquid contains 11 species of rhizobacteria, including Bacillus, Arthrobacter, and Paenibacillus strains.
The star of the show is Bacillus, which are hostile toward anaerobic bacteria (the bad guys). They secrete enzymes that break down organic matter, helping to improve nutrient availability and remove decomposing material, the ideal breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.
By itself, Tarantula Liquid is a potent addition to any growroom. In combination with the other components of the Fabulous 4 Pak, you'll see a synergistic effect of startling proportions.
Double Your Root Size
Voodoo Juice, our flagship beneficial microbial supplement, contains 12 strains of rhizobacteria, including even more Bacillus as well as Paenibacillus, which colonize the root zone and the plant's vascular system. Yep, it contains both ectobacteria and endobacteria, working both outside and inside the plant.
Taken together - and working in sync with the other Fabulous 4 Pak components - the beneficial bacteria in Voodoo Juice work hard to:
Maximize development of roots for your seedlings, transplants, and clones.
Help roots develop enhanced branching, density, and mass.
Encourage enhanced efficiency of nutrient intake, saving you time and money.
Maximize growth and flowering
To ensure that Voodoo Juice has a very long shelf life and superior viability, Voodoo's microbes are put into hibernation with an antagonist compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix Voodoo Juice into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted.
At that moment, Voodoo's microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, maximizing flower-boosting hormones and enhancing root size and function.
The Many Benefits Of Beneficial Fungi
Piranha Liquid, the number-one beneficial fungal supplement on the market, is proven to increase root mass and root function in the plants we grow.
A blend of nine species of ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae living both outside and inside the plant roots, Piranha Liquid has a potent effect on the size and efficiency of your plants' root systems. The strains include Trichoderma, Glomus, and Rhizopogon, as well as two species of beneficial Pseudomonas bacteria.
The heavy hitters are Trichoderma, microscopic living organisms that thrive in the root environment. They are highly aggressive towards bacteria and fungi that are unfriendly to plants, helping to prevent and control many root diseases and disorders. So, when active colonies of Trichoderma fungi from Piranha Liquid are present, potential pathogens in the plant's rhizosphere cannot multiply to reach infection levels.
Piranha Liquid's fungal strains form a symbiotic relationship with the plant. Plant roots secrete wastes that act as a food source to the mycorrhizal fungi, nourishing them and encouraging them to multiply. The mycorrhizae, in turn, serve as extensions of the root system, delivering your crops more nutrients and water.
The bacterial component of Piranha Liquid, Pseudomonas, works to improve nutrient availability too - most importantly of phosphorous (Phosphorous works along with potassium in the bloom phase to bring you great yields). Pseudomonas also helps to increase cell division in roots and shoots, which means faster growth and heightened flowering, and helps to boost production of enzymes that catalyze photosynthetic reactions in your plants. The faster your crops can complete these reactions, the bigger they can grow in less time.
Plants inoculated with Piranha Liquid will have much larger and healthier root systems at harvest time, giving your crops the ability to channel more water and nutrients into heavy blooms and fruits while reducing stress and keeping the root zone healthy - all of which supports bigger, better yields.
A Combination Unlike Any Other...
The Fabulous 4 Pak gives you the most diverse possible spectrum of beneficial microorganisms, which competing "combo" or all-in-one microbial products - such as Great White and Orca - fail to provide.
Each of our microbial strains is individually bred in a purpose-built 10,000-liter breeding reactor. Our microbes are later taken to an evaporation tower and gently dried. Then the super strains are carefully recombined. Their production is NEVER outsourced, and our full-time PhD microbiologist personally supervises all aspects of production.
Now, the last part of the bundle isn't a microbial supplement at all, but it's just as important. Because microbes need food to survive. In fact, like athletes, they need to carbo-load for peak performance. Which is why we also include Bud Candy in the mix.
The Final Piece Of The Puzzle...
Bud Candy contains simple and complex carbohydrates in the form of glucose, xylose, ribose, maltose, and galactose from raw cane extract, malt extract, cranberry extract, and other premium carbohydrate sources (those most easily absorbed by your plants).
When these carbs come in contact with all the beneficial bacteria and fungi, your root zone will be driven into an incredible frenzy of growth and productivity guaranteed to produce mind-blowing results.
All of this translates into bigger harvests, tastier crops, and less waste - which means less time and money down the drain and more of both in your hands.

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